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Contest rules

So you're interested in participating in The Sound of Eindhoven? Cool! Because legal terms can be a bit tricky sometimes, we've summarized the rules for you in brief:

  • The meaning of the project is to put musical talent and their ode to Eindhoven in the spotlight. The competition aims to find out the ultimate sound of Eindhoven, in the form of music.

  • We are looking for an Eindhoven Anthem. The positive energy of Eindhoven must be present on the track, in whatever way.

  • Anyone aged 16 or older may enter the contest. All genres and all levels are welcome. From rock to rap, and from acoustic love songs to techno tunes without lyrics. You get it: anything goes.

  • You can submit your track until April 12. In the following week, you will hear if you are an official contestant.

  • You may record your track as professionally as you like, but a telephone recording will also do.

  • All rights belong to you. We have no commercial goals.

  • Of course, you will contribute to the communication about this project. To draw attention to Eindhoven, but especially yourself and your track. Handy for the voting period!

  • The jury will use the following assessment criteria: the link between the number and Eindhoven, creativity of the song, the technique, and accessibility. (this will be adjusted if necessary). The presence or absence of a high-quality recording or video is not decisive for the jury's judgment. The judgment is purely about the song.

  • As the winner of the jury, your track will receive the official title of Eindhoven Anthem. You get to record your anthem professionally and get to shoot a video clip for it. Also, we will release your track on vinyl ánd you will receive €1,000 in prize money.

  • The audience award will be chosen based on the most votes received via this website. As the winner, you will record your track in a professional recording studio. We will release your submitted track on vinyl, and you will also receive €1,000 in prize money.

  • Any questions? Send an e-mail to We will do our best to answer you as soon as possible.

Before you send in your track, we advise you to read the competition rules and conditions carefully. You can find the detailed competition rules and conditions here.